Tom Pedron
Software Developer.   Queen's Grad 2015.   Dog Person.
  AWS Certified.   Rental Goalie.   Hockey Analytics.   Sci-Fi Nerd.

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Hey I'm Tom, I'm a Toronto-based Software Developer. I enjoy programming, being creative to solve problems and building exciting, interesting projects. I put this website together to present a bit about me, my experiences and what's going on in my life.

In 2019 I was nominated for the Biotalent Catalyst Award, given to the employee who has contributed most significantly to their Canadian biotechnology employer during 2018.

Some of my interests & hobbies include:
  • Software development
  • Hockey Data Analytics
  • Cheering on the Montreal Canadiens
  • Goaltending
  • Science Fiction

I'm a graduate of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a focus in Software Design.

I moved to Kingston in the Fall of 2010 - Spring 2013, completed a 16 month internship (2013 - 2014) at IBM (Markham) which contributed towards my degree, then moved back for my final year in the Fall of 2014 - Spring 2015 to complete my degree. In my final year I was on the Deans List for having a cumulative GPA over 3.50.

Later on in 2017, I began an online Professional Software Architect certification program through the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. I completed the following courses:
  • Software Architecture: Principles and Practices (Completed in March 2017)
  • Documenting Software Architectures (Completed in August 2017)
I have achieved several AWS Cloud Computing certifications between 2020-2022 to take advantage of the extra free time I had due to the pandemic.

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As mentioned in the hobbies page, I am an Ice Hockey goaltender in Toronto. I play on a regular B-level team and also moonlight as a rental goalie which technically makes me a "professional" athlete.

I rely on 2-pad stacks a little more than I should but it seems to work!

Feel free to reach out if you need someone to stand in your crease!



I have experience with many topics in Computer Science, including:

  • Object Oriented Programming & Domain Driven Design
  • Algorithms, Data Structures & Design Patterns
  • Databases (Relational & Non-Structured)
  • SOAP & REST API Design (JSON API Spec)
  • Cloud Computing (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Networking
  • QA & Automated Testing
  • Hockey Data Analytics


I am proficient with many programming languages including:

  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Go
  • SQL
  • Bash
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • HTML & CSS + Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • R

Web Frameworks

I have written & deployed web services developed with the following HTTP frameworks:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Spring Boot (Java)
  • JAX-WS (Java)
  • Jersey (Java)
  • Django (Python)
  • Gin (Go)
  • Buffalo (Go)



I have gained valuable work experience in my career so far, including:

View my Linkedin profile here.


Open For Business

I am available for part-time freelance work!

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Technical Consulting
  • Backend REST API Development
  • Cloud Technology (AWS)
  • Technical Documentation
  • Education/ Mentorship
  • Database & SQL Optimization
  • Hockey Data Analytics

Please get in touch with me to discuss further!

Previous Freelance Work

Below is a summary of the freelance work I have done so far:

  • (December 2020 - March 2021): Provided consulting and oversight services to a team that was building an automated data pipeline using AWS Lambda, Glue (Python, Spark), Step Functions, S3, and RDS.
  • (July - September 2020): Developed a cloud-based application for a client with a serverless backend using AWS API Gateway, Cognito, DynamoDB and Lambda functions written in Python. Provided a full suite of technical documentation including UML architectural diagrams, OpenAPI schemas, and deployment and configuration guides for all AWS services.
  • (October 2018 - April 2019): Delivered a complete implementation of “Snowplow”, an open-source, enterprise-strength marketing and product analytics platform (see: Provisioned and configured various AWS services including EC2, Cloudfront, S3, EMR, RDS and Redshift. Developed a demo ECommerce website integrated with the Snowplow JS library and Google Tag Manager. Wrote SQL scripts that perform data aggregation & analysis to provide insight into customer behaviour.


Fantasy Hockey Helper (2021 - Present) is a website designed to help you optimize drafting your Fantasy Hockey team! Think "Money-Ball" but for hockey pools.

It is written in Ruby on Rails and deployed on Heroku with a Postgres database for storage. Domain is manage via AWS Route53, DNS is maintained Via CloudFlare. To read more about the makings of this project, check out this blog post.

Rotten Tomatoes on Cineplex Chrome Extension (2020)

A Chrome Extension written in Javascript that loads the Rotten Tomatoes "Tomato Score" for movies listed on various listings and injects them right into the page to help you pick a movie.

You can view the project on Github.

TomBox S3 (2020)

This Ruby script monitors a configured directory's contents and keeps them synced to a remote AWS S3 bucket in the style of Dropbox.

You can view the project on Github.

Some Other Projects

@FamilyGuyShots Twitter Bot: Bot account that posts a random screenshot from an episode of Family Guy to Twitter everyday. It is written in Ruby using the Twitter and FFMPEG gems running on a Cron job on my local machine. (2021)

My Walking Garden: A health based mobile game developed with a team as a final project for CISC 496 at Queen's University. (2015)


Below are my reading lists on




Contact Me

I'm on the internet!

Please note that I am not currently seeking new career opportunities but feel free to add me on LinkedIn.

Please do not cold call me, use LinkedIn if you would like to get in touch.